Approve transactions

Most financial regulations require payments to be approved at a Council meeting. This feature allows a listing of transactions to be approved to be produced for circulation among councillors. Following this process, you can mark as approved those transactions which the meeting has agreed to pay.

To use the facility go to Processes>Approve transactions when you will see the following screen.

When a transaction is first created it is marked as ‘unapproved’. This screen shows all the transactions dated on or before the date specified in the left-hand menu. By default it shows all transactions, but you can change it to show only payments and transfers and you can show or hide confidential transactions.

The button at the bottom of the screen allows you to print the list of transactions for distribution at the meeting.

Following the meeting, you can return to this screen and, by clicking on the boxes at the extreme right of the screen, mark those transactions which were approved. The software records this fact and also the date of the meeting at which the approval took place.

Please note that this facility is not fully complete. At present, it is not possible to search for transactions by their approval date nor to ‘unapprove’ a transaction. These facilities will be added shortly.