Administering users

There are four levels of user in Easy PC Accounts:

  • Clerk / RFO – each Council has just one Clerk / RFO. They are the principal contact for the Council. They can create other users and can modify their own details. However they cannot create an additional Clerk / RFO. They can carry out any operation listed in the documentation.
  • Administrators – they can carry out any operation listed in the documentation. They can also create additional Bookkeeper or Councillor users.
  • Bookkeeper – They can carry out most functions apart from changing the chart of accounts, creating bank accounts and creating new users.
  • Councillor – this is basically read-only access. They can look at transactions, bank reconciliations, etc. but cannot create transactions

In order to create a user you use the Setup menu where you will find the entry Manage Users (note that this menu is not visible if you are a Bookkeeper or Councillor).

Clicking on the menu brings up a form where you enter the name of the new user, their email address, and the role they will take. Clicking on the Create button creates the user and sends them an email which looks like this. The temporary password is a random serties of characters made to be as hard to remember as possible! The new user should normally change it as soon as possible.

Dear Michael

This is an automated email sent at 13:43:02 on 07th October, 2019 on behalf of Ambridge Parish Council.

You have been added as a Councillor for Easy PC Accounts.

Your user name is the email address to which this message has been sent

Your temporary password is


We suggest that you log in and change it as soon as possible.

Please do not reply to this email – contact your administrator if you have any problems

We have found that some email software puts the email into Spam and so the Administrator should advise the person added to check their Spam / Junk for the email (we are working on this to try to find the reason).

As administrator you should encourage the new user to follow the instructions and change their password as soon as possible.

There is a special procedure if you wish to change the details of the Clerk / RFO; see this page for details.