Getting started

This is an outline of the stages you need to go through in setting up Easy PC Accounts. We include links to the various pages of this documentation that provides detail.

  1. Set up at least one bank account. When you create new bank accounts at the start of setting up Easy PC Accounts you will also need to set up opening balances.
  2. If there is a VAT claim that is outstanding from the previous year that has not yet been paid, enter the opening VAT balance.
  3. Create account codes that correspond to the receipts and payments headings that you use to record your Council’s activities. If you are moving from spreadsheets or a manual analysed cash book, these will correspond to the columns into which you analyse receipts and payments. You may find the Chart of Accounts tutorial helpful here.
  4. Add account groups to help you subdivide your accounts with sub-headings. Note that there will always be two groups set up by the software. Once you have done that, you will be able to use the drag and drop facility to set up the payments and receipts.
  5. Create customers and suppliers to represent the people you deal with most often. Remember that a customer is someone who pays you money and a supplier is someone to whom you pay money. Thus the District Council will be a customer (they pay you the Precept) and your salaried staff will be suppliers since you pay them.

The above is pretty well all you need to do to get started. Do contact us if you have any problems.