Insert opening bank balance

This screen allows you to enter the opening balance in your account. You will get the information for this from the closing bank reconciliation that you produced from the previous accounting year. This will normally have been produced manually and will be part of the end of year documentation you produced for audit.

Here is an example of how a typical reconciliation might look at the end of the previous financial year

In order to set up the bank account in Easy PC Accounts you need to enter the cleared balance of £1,276 and the two uncleared payments as listed. You do this using this screen.

First select the bank account using the drop-down box. The second box allows you to choose the type of balance you are adding. We select Cleared Opening Balance. Enter any description you wish and then enter the amount; in this case it will be £1,276.55.

Once you have done this, press Save and the empty screen appears again.

The next stage is to add the two uncleared payments. This is done in a very similar way, and I suggest that you use the cheque number as the referenced.

You will need to do this twice, once for each cheque, pressing Save after each one.

When you have finished, press Exit, and we return to the opening screen.

Here is the reconciliation for the opening balance as printed out by the software; you will see that it reflects the information just input to the system