Create new supplier or customer

The screens for both of these are the same, but not all the fields need to be completed for each. You will most commonly create a supplier so we shall show that screen.

The only compulsory field is the Supplier name, and this must be unique. All other fields are optional. However, it simplifies input of transactions if you set the default VAT code. For example, employees will always be ‘Out of scope’ and Insurance will be ‘Exempt’.

If you are likely to want to reclaim VAT on purchases from the supplier using form VAT126, the VAT number field must be completed (don’t worry – you can always add this at a later stage if you wish). Note that the VAT number should be entered as numbers only, no spaces, and omitting the GB prefix.

When you have completed the form, click Save and the details of the supplier will be entered into the database. You will then return to a blank Insert supplier screen.